Pivot Charter School North Valley is excited to plant our new Credit Tree. As a school of choice that serves many students with different interests and different stories, Pivot has the wonderful opportunity to support students in so many more ways than just academic. But, we cannot lose track of the fact that our primary responsibility and reason for being in existence is to ensure that our students pass all of their classes and make satisfactory progress towards promoting and graduating. As such, our new authorizer, Chico Unified School District, has set high standards that we must meet with regard to our students attaining credits each year. With the changes to our school schedule, policies, and with the dedication, support and academic prowess of all of our students both new and returning, we are 100%  certain that we will reach these goals.

In a short time, you will be able to see a beautiful tree that students are “planting”  at the school when you walk in. At the end of every block, students will be able to decorate leaves and place them on the tree. Each leaf color will represent the number of credits the student was able to accomplish during that block. The ultimate goal is a Gold Sparkle leaf that demonstrates that a student has passed all of their courses for the school year. We will have a leaf hanging party with food and activities for parents and students at the end of each block to celebrate every one of our students’ successes. Make sure you stop by soon to see the tree begin to grow, and we will provide updates on our website, on Facebook, and in the newsletter!