At Pivot, we can accommodate any student, regardless of what academic level they’re at or what help they require to succeed. Since reading is important for any and all academic pursuits, Pivot’s Reading Intervention Program helps students get up to their grade level on reading, which in turn helps the student achieve higher success in all of their courses. 

The Reading Intervention Program is designed for students who score below their own grade level in reading, as measured by their Lexile scores provided by the diagnostic testing all students take upon enrollment. These diagnostic tests help Pivot get an accurate picture of the student so we can assess what gaps need to be filled and what subjects they excel in.

“Pivot is uniquely positioned to be able to get all of our students to the right reading level,” said Shayna Calkins, Pivot Reading Specialist. “With our Reading Intervention Program, Pivot can offer more individualized support and instruction to students who may need that extra help.”

If students are identified by our Reading Intervention Specialist or referred by an Educational Coordinator, our specialist will help the student improve their reading through regular, targeted small groups and one-on-one meetings. The student will also participate in specialized reading support courses with Lexia, an asynchronous reading program that has shown success for students who struggle with reading.

If you or your student believe they are in need of more individualized reading support, reach out to your student’s Educational Coordinator so they can discuss potential options.