Chloe is a 9th grade student at Pivot Charter School. She is completing her first year at Pivot and she and her mom, Jennifer, couldn’t be more pleased with the program.

Chloe is a television actress and leads a very busy life. Her schedule includes filming episodes of “True Blood”, as well as multiple appearances and auditions. She has been homeschooled since the age of 7, when she began acting professionally, but when it came time for her to start high school, her mom knew they needed a more flexible program with regular teacher support.

That’s when they found Pivot. The more they learned about the availability of the resource center five days a week, the dedicated teacher, or educational coordinator (EC) assigned to each student, and the flexibility of the online curriculum available to the student anytime, anywhere, the more they realized this program just might be the right fit.

So far, it’s turned out to be the perfect fit. Chloe is excelling in her classes, and working ahead with the goal of graduating from high school early. Chloe has made friends at Pivot, and regularly attends clubs and field trips, when her schedule allows. The flexibility of the Pivot program is exactly what they were looking for.

Chloe’s EC, Robert, works with them closely to ensure that Chloe stays on track. Every morning, Robert sends a personalized text message to Chloe and her mom that summarizes her progress from the day before. “When we get those messages, I know he really cares about Chloe and what she is doing. Not only does he take the time to reach out to us, but it’s evident that he’s reviewed her work and is closely monitoring her progress,” Jennifer says. “That’s the kind of individualized attention every student can benefit from, not just a student with a career, like Chloe”.

Chloe also enjoys the opportunity to go to the resource center and be social with the other students. “I try to go in once a week, and I particularly like going on Tuesdays when they have art club,”, says Chloe. “I love to draw, and it’s so fun to be able to go in and do some of my work there, and then hang out with friends while we draw and do art together.” She also participates in the hiking club or field trips when time permits.

According to Jennifer, “In her past homeschooling programs, Chloe didn’t really feel a part of any particular group. When she went on field trips she didn’t really know anyone, so it was kind of awkward. But because of the resource center program at Pivot, now she has friends at school. They text each other outside of school, and it’s more fun to go on the field trips because they know each other.” Chloe says, “It’s so much fun now to have friends at school!”

Jennifer also really likes the Pivot academies that are offered for high schoolers. “By being able to choose either the University Prep or Liberal Arts academy, you can really tailor your education to meet your own needs. We chose Liberal Arts for Chloe because her goal is to graduate early. I think it’s wonderful that students can choose their path this way.”

Chloe noted that even though she is working ahead, she doesn’t feel pressured by the schoolwork. She says that it feels very balanced, and that she doesn’t have the same school pressures that kids in traditional high school seem to have. Chloe notes, “because I can work independently, whether it’s in the car on the way to an audition, when I’m waiting on set, or on the weekend when I’m at home, I don’t have the same distractions of a traditional classroom, so I can really focus and get my work done.” She also appreciates that all of her schoolwork is online, so she doesn’t find herself forgetting a book or notes that she might need. “It’s easy to take my work with me wherever I go, and that makes me a more successful student”, Chloe says.

Jennifer summed up why the Pivot program is working so well for her daughter. She said, “This program allows the student to be so connected and so independent at the same time. It’s the perfect balance of an individualized education and the freedom to work at your own pace. I can’t imagine how this school couldn’t be perfect for anyone.”

We are proud to have Chloe as a Pivot student, and we look forward to following her career!