On Wednesday, October 16, the Chico Unified School District (CUSD) voted unanimously to approve a five-year charter renewal for Pivot Charter School North Valley, authorizing the school to continue offering its unique blended learning program.

Pivot Charter School North Valley received approval from CUSD in December 2017 for a two- year charter. The recent approval of the charter renewal is a major milestone for the school, according to Pivot Charter Schools Director Jayna Gaskell.

“This charter renewal means that Pivot North Valley will be able to continue to serve our students and their families, who often face unique challenges that make a flexible school like Pivot their best option,” Gaskell said. “I’m so appreciative of CUSD for their willingness to not only offer accountability and oversight but also to help us in the areas where we can continue to grow.”

“Chico Unified was very happy to see the positive work done by the staff at Pivot North Valley during the past year. The academic improvement was indicative of the hard work and dedication of the staff, students and Pivot community,” said Kelly Staley, Superintendent of Chico Unified School District.