Pivot Charter Schools is excited to announce the launch of our brand new websites. After launching a new logo, brand colors and a new tagline in 2020, Pivot also wanted to develop and create a new website to offer students, parents and other visitors a more streamlined and smoother online experience. 

“Staying connected with all of our families and making it as easy as possible for parents to stay involved was one of Pivot’s priorities when redesigning our website,” said Jayna Gaskell, Executive Director of Pivot Charter Schools. “Pivot takes pride in our educational opportunities, our amazing teachers and our unique approach to learning. It is so wonderful to now be able to show off our successes through our accessible new websites.”

The user-friendly website proudly exemplifies the hope, optimism and futuristic thinking Pivot is known for. The vibrant colors and modern design of the new website welcomes all students and parents to engage with Pivot and take advantage of all of our offerings. 

Notably, the new website makes it easier for new families to start the enrollment process, or ask questions regarding Pivot and learn how to enroll. It also details exactly who Pivot is, how charter schools operate, what sorts of students can benefit from Pivot, what student life is like and you can even take a virtual tour of the Resource Center. 

Parents will also be able to utilize the Parents Resources page that quickly links to Pivot’s ParentSquare, where parents can receive updates from the school, the Pivot handbook and the Parent Portal, where parents have access to their student’s report cards.

Click around and explore Pivot’s new website.