Field trips are an important and valuable part of the educational experience. It’s a chance for students to interact with one another outside the resource center and learn about new things. Our teachers are working hard to make sure every field trip is a fun and valuable learning experience.

This year, we hosted a back to school barbecue for students and their families. We went to Wildwood Park and enjoyed food, games and lively conversation. It was a great chance for everyone to reconnect after the summer break.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Our students learned so much about science and the arts while we were there, plus they enjoyed seeing the sights in the city!

We also enjoyed a trip to the corn maze, where students tested their patience and sense of direction. We observed growing corn and pumpkins, and learned about agriculture in our community.

One of our most recent fun Friday activities was a roller skating party. The kids and teachers bravely laced up their skates and got out there on the floor together. It was a bonding experience for all! Future fun Friday activities will include a pajama and movie day.

Like last year, we will be travel to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival in March. We will see “Great Expectations” and “Twelfth Night” and explore downtown Ashland. We will discuss each performance and the difference of viewing it on stage as compared to reading the literature, as well as how successful the production was at telling the story. It is a great educational and social experience for the students.

We have been keeping very busy this fall with lots of fun outings, and we are looking forward to more adventures in the spring!