Super Hero GraphicAt Pivot, we call our teachers Educational Coordinators, or EC’s. That’s because they work tirelessly to lay out an educational path for each student and keep their students on that path throughout the year. Our EC’s use the full resources of Pivot to meet the educational needs of our students.

Has your son fallen behind in reading? A Pivot EC will coordinate his curriculum to ensure he gets back on track. Or maybe your daughter is not challenged in her math class. Her Pivot EC would unlock an accelerated math curriculum for her. Perhaps there is a group of students who need some extra help with writing. The Pivot EC’s would notice and create a special writer’s workshop for those students to give the small group the customized instruction and extra help they need. Because our ratio of students to EC’s is about 10:1 at the resource centers, the Educational Coordinators are well-aware of each student’s needs and work to ensure those needs are met. EC’s perceive each level of student success as a reflection of their own success.

Our Educational Coordinators are in contact with parents and families on a continual basis. They regularly check and follow-up on voicemails and emails from students and parents to ensure clear communication and timely responses. They also review the latest online curriculum reports for each student daily to monitor students’ progress. EC’s can identify if a student is falling behind on assignments, needs some extra help in a particular subject or area, or needs to move ahead to more challenging material with a click of a mouse and literally watch what the students are learning in real time.

When students come to work at the resource center, the Pivot EC’s work with students one-on-one and give them any tutoring or help that they need. Special hands-on project based classes and workshops are also held during this time to address group needs and allow students to collaborate and think critically. As a smaller school with individualized learning paths, Pivot EC’s have the freedom to customize instruction where unique needs or special interests are presented.

Every two weeks, EC’s are given the resources to take the students on a field trip. These have included hiking, ice skating, visiting museums, touring local colleges, attending theatre performances and overnight camping, just to name a few. This is where our EC’s really get to know their students – they get to watch them interact with other Pivot students, learn to thrive socially and just be the great kids they are.

Pivot Educational Coordinators love their jobs. They joined the Pivot team for the flexible environment, innovative approach to education, and the ability to get to know each and every student. The success of their students is more than just doing their job – it is their life’s passion.