We’re excited to introduce you to Andrew Campbell, one of Pivot North Bay’s newest Educational Coordinators. Most recently an Assistant Principal at Maria Carrillo High School, Andrew is eager to bring his expertise in education and unique life experiences to make an impact at Pivot.

“I know that Pivot serves students differently than traditional schools, and I am looking forward to learning more about what sets Pivot apart and how I can support Pivot students in this role,” remarked Andrew. “I’m really excited to focus on facilitating more face-to-face interaction opportunities and creating more enrichment programs for our students, especially in areas that are personal to me.”

Andrew understands the importance of having a safe space for students to connect with each other, and he wants to help Pivot continue to foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable and free to express themselves. He will be assisting students with their studies in science and administratively supporting Pivot’s Special Education Department. 

Andrew has always had a passion and interest in education, having pursued an undergraduate degree in physical education from San Francisco State University. Following undergrad, he went on to get his teaching credential, and from there, he started teaching science at Abbott Middle School in San Mateo. 

After his time teaching at Abbott, Andrew became an assistant principal at Maria Carrillo High School (MCHS) in Santa Rosa. Andrew first heard about Pivot Charter Schools in his role at MCHS. 

“I knew of multiple students that transferred to Pivot over the years, so I was somewhat familiar with Pivot’s program and their unique offering,” said Andrew. “Towards the end of this last school year, I was looking for a change of pace, and working with Pivot seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a change for myself that still allowed me to connect closely with students and make an impact in education. I was very excited to see that Pivot had an opportunity available.”