This Fall, Choose a School That Works

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Pivot Charter School, North Valley works just like a traditional middle and high school, except that classes are online, so students can
work at their own pace.

There are a number of ways that Pivot supports success for students:

  • Pivot is a free public school.
  • Students can login and access classes from home, the public library, or anywhere there is a computer and internet access.
  • Our courses are 100% online, allowing students a flexibility that traditional, structured classrooms cannot.
  • The California-credentialed teachers are available via instant message, phone, email, or at our local resource center.
  • The diversity of our student body brings a wide range of perspectives to class discussions (both online and in person). It is one of the things that makes the Pivot experience unique.

Pivot is now enrolling for the Fall. Tell us the best way to reach you, and one of our friendly staff members will contact you personally to discuss how Pivot can work for your child.

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