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    Academies enable students to customize their learning experience to match their education with their goals and interests.

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Holding DiplomaWelcome to Pivot North Valley

Click here for the 2020-2021 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan
Click here for the COVID-19 Operations Written Report

Pivot Charter School North Valley offers a unique and customized tuition free public education. Our program allows students to access their courses from the comfort of their own home or from our safe and welcoming facility. Because our courses are 100% online, you will experience a flexibility and individualization that the traditional, structured classroom environment cannot offer. The online curriculum allows our teachers to focus on student support one-on-one; all the support students receive is catered to individual needs. Some students attend the resource center five days a week. Some students attend two days a week and others only attend once in a while to receive tutoring or engage in one of our exciting resource center classes. Read More.

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