Pivot Riverside ninth-grader Isabella Cuesta has found immense support and flexibility in her schooling as she simultaneously pursues college courses while being a high school student.

Isabella has always loved challenging herself and exploring opportunities to expand her horizon, and, at Pivot, she can do just that. Through her concurrent enrollment experiences, Isabella knows she made the right decision when enrolling at Pivot.

“Pivot has been a helpful tool for me not only to grow academically but also explore new perspectives and experiences while I figure out what I want to do in the future,” said Isabella. “The ability to take concurrent enrollment courses, while also maintaining the flexibility and support that Pivot offers has allowed me to grow and find my passions.”

Introduction to Chemistry and Engineering, two Norco College courses, are no scary feats for Isabella and only motivate her to continue taking concurrent courses until graduation. Being the youngest in the room, with a lab partner eleven years older than her, Isabella thrives on proving she is there to succeed, learn and show that success can start at a young age.

From a virtual setting at Pivot to in-person classes at the Junior college level, the transition can be very intimidating. However, Isabella notes that while it may seem intimidating and scary, it is also rewarding and manageable. She credits Luis Portilla, the Academic Counselor at all four Pivot campuses, and Brandon Gragnano, the Site Administrator at Pivot Riverside, for instilling in her that she is destined for success and for providing the encouragement needed to accomplish her academic goals.

For current Pivot students considering or worried about taking concurrent enrollment courses, Isabella emphasizes that there is nothing to fear or be intimidated by. “Take the challenge, build your path and confidence. It is never too early to start your journey towards success.”