Summer is right around the corner! But we can’t start the next season without first celebrating one of our favorite traditions of the year – graduation. Our graduation ceremonies and the end of the school year always fills us with a mix of emotions. We’re saddened by the departure of our fantastic graduating class, yet overjoyed to send our graduates prepared for success on the next leg of their journey. 

Those emotions are heightened by the special graduation traditions at Pivot Charter Schools. After two consecutive years of graduation ceremonies celebrated in cars, this year’s graduation ceremonies will be fully in-person events. We’re excited to see the return of fully in-person graduation ceremonies and the graduation rose ceremony at all Pivot graduations. 

This cherished tradition focuses on gratitude. During the ceremony, each graduate presents a rose of gratitude to an individual who is important to them. Each graduate also prepares and delivers a speech honoring the individual who received their rose – moving orations that remind us of the impact that a Pivot education has on a student.

At Pivot North Valley, graduates also celebrate graduation with the sunrise and sunset tradition. The tradition starts with a sunrise at the beginning of the school year. Like the sunrise, our students are beaming with excitement for the start of their final year in high school. They’re excited to make new, fun memories and prepare to transition to a new reality after high school. Like the sunset, our students’ breathtaking depth reveals the learning and excitement of their nearly-completed high school careers.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our Pivot graduates, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next,” said Abigail Titus, Pivot North Bay’s Site Administrator. “Our seniors have been an incredible class of hardworking and dedicated students, and it’s wonderful to be able to celebrate their academic accomplishments with their families and friends.”

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