Students and parents love Pivot Charter Schools! Pivot Charter School North Valley is a tuition-free public charter school with over 11 years of excellence in hybrid learning. Our individualized support gives students a different type of education and the flexibility to work on their own schedule to ensure educational success.

Our program allows students the flexibility that a traditional, structured classroom cannot offer, while still following an established academic structure that has proven successful for students. Through hybrid learning, students are able to access their lessons anywhere and at any time with the support of caring teachers committed to their success. Students also have weekday access to Pivot’s resource center, where they can receive in-person support through one-on-one tutoring, small group instruction and opportunities for socialization.

  • Pivot provides instruction to students through engaging hybrid learning, with class offerings, clubs and social activities available at our resource center.
  • Pivot offers advanced courses (both online and at our resource center), as well as an intervention curriculum to improve basic skills.
  • Our caring teachers focus their time with each student to cultivate academic independence; all the support students receive is catered to their individual needs.
  • Pivot offers two high school Academies, University Preparatory Academy or Liberal Arts Academy, based on students’ post-graduation goals.
  • Our online curriculum allows students to work at a level and pace commensurate with their abilities, helping to reduce school anxiety and ensure student success in a safe environment.
  • Pivot teachers are California-credentialed professionals. Pivot is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  • Individual assessments allow teachers to meet students at their current educational level and address any learning gaps.
  • Pivot’s program is designed for students to get ahead or catch up, develop confidence, struggle less and ultimately, change lives.

Read what some of our parents say about Pivot:

What Pivot offers to students and their families is beyond anything I expected from a charter school. The support, respect and approach to each child’s individual needs is unmatched. Pivot is doing an amazing job and involves the family at every turn, which gives such a sense of responsibility, understanding and trust that you cannot get at a normal public school.”

“Pivot Charter School doesn’t try to force my child into a space. Instead, they try to make a space that fits my child. We are so happy to have found a place that allows our student to learn in a manner that works for them.”

“The Educational Coordinators are available as needed and willing to help the students along the way to success. This program met my daughter where she was at in her education and is getting her where she needs to be.”