Every student deserves the opportunity to advance their education and learn beyond the traditional core curriculum. At Pivot, we create these opportunities in many ways — one being our partnerships with local junior colleges to provide students the option to take college courses concurrently within their traditional high school coursework and experience. 

Concurrent enrollment allows students to sign up for any 100-level college course and receive college credit through their local community college. This program allows high school students to explore additional education options, learn more about what college is like, get a head start on college credits, and develop essential academic and time-management skills.

Since the introduction of these programs, students across all Pivot campuses have enrolled in various course offerings, exploring classes that align with their passions and interests beyond their normal course schedule. 

“I have been interested in fabrication and technology for a while and courses around that subject at the high school level do not often exist,” said Nathaniel Mix, Pivot North Bay eleventh grader. “When I heard about Pivot’s partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), I immediately went to SRJC’s website to check out courses that could help me learn more about my passion.”

Concurrent enrollment courses lay the foundation for students to navigate the complexities of higher education. While the transition from high school to college can be very intimidating, these courses provide a valuable opportunity for students to acclimate to college-level material and gain confidence. 

“Taking Computer Science 10 A at SRJC was initially nerve-wracking, but by the end, I felt more knowledgeable and confident in my future,” said Jason Hernandez Pardo, Pivot North Bay eleventh grader. “I’m grateful for Pivot providing this opportunity for me and fellow students to explore and look forward to seeing how this course helps me transition into college.”

Educational flexibility and personalization are key pillars of Pivot’s mission. Through concurrent enrollment opportunities, Pivot sets students up for success in both their academic and personal journeys. 

Learn more about concurrent enrollment opportunities available to Pivot North Valley at PivotNorthValley.com/College-Career-Opportunities/, or reach out to Pivot’s Academic Coordinator Luis Portilla at lportilla@pivotcharter.org.