Sara Campbell, a graduate from California State University, Chico, teaches 6th – 12th grade students at Pivot North Valley. Sara specializes in English and loves helping students dissect their writing assignments and teaching them how to approach different types of writing. In January, she began teaching an English workshop, which she hopes will prepare the students for their upcoming field trip to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. Sara also leads the photography club and the yearbook club.

Sara’s interest in education stems from her love of learning. She chose to become an educator to give back to the community by empowering people to make a difference. She is a strong advocate for adolescents who she believes often struggle during that age and deserve attention from their educators that will benefit them in the long run. She loves working at Pivot because it allows her get to know her students and their families really well.  She loves being able to work with the students’ families to determine what strategies can really help them succeed. Sara’s teaching philosophy is that “I believe that everyone can learn from everyone and that everyone has something to teach”.

Sara’s personal interests include traveling and backpacking. Her favorite destination outside of the United States is the beach La Concha in San Sebastian, Spain. In the U.S., Sara’s favorite location is Havasu Falls, Arizona. In the future, she hopes to plan a long trip to Southeast Asia to visit Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. You can read more about Sara and our other amazing Educational Coordinators HERE.